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Q.13 A Zener regulator has an input voltage in the range 15V-20V and a load current in the range of 5 mA-20 mA. If the Zener voltage is 6.8V, the value of the series resistor should be ww- o 15-20 V 6.8V (A) 390 Q2 (B) 420 Q (C)440 2 (D) 460 Q
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  • Animesh anand
    some data is missing in the problem
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    Kapil prajapat
    this is iit jam 2015 question
  • Animesh anand
    yes you are right no option is matched because answer should be in between two value which I obtained here
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  • Animesh anand thankyou
    kindly find your answer attached below
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    Kapil prajapat
    last calculation is something wrong