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Q.2 A function f is defined on an interval la, b]. Which of the following statement(s) is/are incorrect? (1) If fla) and f(b) have opposite signs, then there must be a point e e (a, b) such that f(c) =0. 2) If f is continuous on a, b], f(a) < 0, and f(6) > 0, then there must be a point cE (a,b) such that fc) = 0. (3) If f is contiuous on (a, 6, and there is a point e in (a, b) such that f(c) = 0. Then f(a) and f(6) have opposite signs. (4) If f has no zeros on (a, b), then fla) and f(6) have the same sign.
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    a and b check attachment
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    sir how option a is correct .. if the function is discontinuous at c ..????