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Q:-2. Suppose that o(a)=24, then a generator for < a21 >n< al0> are (a) a,a18 b) a5,a7 (c) a,a2 (d) a,als Q:-3. Let G = GL(2, R) and H {A E G| det(A) =3*|k = Z}, then (a) H is abelian subgroup b) His cyclic subgroup (c) His normal subgroup (d) None of these Q:-4. In the symmetric group S, of degreen, n >2 the set of all 3- cycles generates a subgroup of order (a) 3 (b) 3n (d) n!
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  • Anonymous User thankyou
    and first question me 21/3 and 10/2 that's why we take it
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  • Anonymous User
    third. questions ka jo answer h wo to direct statement h ki 3 cycle se hmesha Sn bnta h
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  • Anonymous User
    option C in question 2 and option D in question 4 are true
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    how, explain
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