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Q.22 Let A be an n xn invertible matrix and C be an nxn nilpotent matrix. If X = | X Xi2 X21 X is a 2n x 2n matrix (each Xi, being n x n) that commutes with the 2n x 2n matrix B, ( A O C then (A) X1 and X22 are necessarily zero matrices (B) X12 and Xz1 are necessarily zero matrices. nstitute: te of Science Bangalorg C) X and X21 are necessarily zero matrices. (D) X12 and X22 are necessarily zero matrices. SJ8]SeA JOL 1s81 uOIssuo
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    feel free to ask if you have any question.
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    go through this link and feel free to ask if you have any query.start at time (20:15)
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