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Q.5. A sledding metallic cross bar with length 10 cm and resistance 10N is moving across a pertectly conducting three sided metallic frame with magnetic field of 2 Tesla piercing through the frame (ignore the magnetic field produced by the currents in the circuit). 4te m How 2 The cross-bar is moved with a velocity of X much charge has been moved through the wire during the time in which the cross bar slides from x = 0 to |IISc-2012 x= 100 cm? (a) 2mC (b) 20mC (c) 100mC (d) 20mC
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    I have attached solution. See. Use basic magnetic formulas for it. Use flux formula. Hope you get it. Ask if any further doubt.
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    oh I made a sily mistake about unit conversion so I get wrong answer thanks
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