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Q12. The decreasing order of the reactivity of the following compounds towards electrophiles is: H 3 (a) 2>1>3 (b) 2>3>1 (c) 3>1>2 (d) 1>2>3
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  • Achyut ranjan gogoi thankyou
    option d is correct. pyrrole is most reactive towards electrophiles because it has least aromatic character among the three. Pyridine has more aromatic character so more stable and...
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya thankyou
    option D Explanation-- Oxygen, being more electronegative than nitrogen, distributes more negative charge density upon itself and less upon the ring, thus stabilizing the carbocati...
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  • Priyanshu kumar Best Answer
    The aromatic five-membered heterocycles all undergo electrophilic substitution, with a general reactivity order: pyrrole >> furan > thiophene > benzene. Pyrrole is more reactive th...
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