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Q21. Consider a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen kept at room temperature. As compared to a hydrogen molecule an oxygen molecule an oxygen molecule hits the wall (a) with greater average speed (b) with smaller average speed (c) with greater average kinetic energy (d) with smaller average kinetic energy
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    Considering the Vrms​ when the gas molecule are at room temperature Vrms​=(3KT/m)^1/2 Hence, V is inversely proportional to m of the gas and we know that m of oxygen > m of h...
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    according to your concept, opt b should be correct.
  • Dhairya sharma
    option B is correct
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    Dhairya sharma
    the everage kinetic energy is same for both at particular temperature but average speed of oxygen is 4 times smaller than hydrogen.
  • Chandra dhawan
    answer B is correct...
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  • Chandra dhawan Best Answer
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    Chandra dhawan
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