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Q26. Refer to the geological map, which shows the development of a metamorphic aureole around a granite intrusion in a sedimentary sequence. Which one of the following combinations of rocks Sar exposed at locations X, Y and Z is correct? andstonne andsto Limestone Shale Limestone estone Sandstone one and Granlte Z Y hornfels quartzite hornfels X marble (A) marble (B) quartzite marble quartzite hornfels quartzite (C) hornfels (D) marble
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  • Saurabh thankyou
    Correct option would be (D). You have one hint given in the question itself, that there is a formation of contact aureole at Y which is surely characterizing Hornfels. So Y-- Hornf...
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  • Sajan sarthak Best Answer
    contact metamorphism of sandstone will be converted into quartzite. shale will be converted to hornfels limestone will be converted to marble.
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