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Q27 A pendulum consists of a massive bob suspended from a hook by an elastic band The spring constant of the band and the mass m of the bob are such that k/m o 10 rad and the unstretched length of the band is tIm. The pendulum is released firom an angle from the Yertical of 60 degree Initially the speed of the bob is zero and the band is in a relaxed (unstretched) state The total length of the band at the lowest pont n the bob s ajectoy (a) 1 6 m b) 2.6 m e 3.5 m (d) 0.6 m
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    hope this will help... option b is correct..
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  • Rohit kumar gupta Best Answer
    hope this will help.
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  • Rohit kumar gupta thankyou
    option b is correct
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