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Q27. Match the item in Group I with correspon item in Gmup IL GroupI P Group IL 1 High grade metamorpbisn 2. Low grade nctamorpisn 3. Disequilibrium crystallizationa Exsoution CB) P-2, Q-1, R-4, (D) P-3, Q4, R-1, Commpositional zoning Q. Perthitic texture R. Segregation banding Slaty cleavage (A) P-2, Q4, R-1,S (C) P-4, Q-3, R-2, S S.
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    slate -> phyllite ->schist -> Gneiss-> migmatite is the correct order of metamorphism from low grade to high grade. so slaty cleavage low grade metamorphism. and segregation ...
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