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Q31. Which of the following statements in relation to the solar system is/are correct? (Multiple Select Question) (A) The most abundant elements are H and He. (B) The abundances of elements with atomic numbers 1-50 show an overall decreasing trend. (C) The abundances of heavier elements (atomic number>50) are mostly higher than that of lighter elements (atomic number <50). (D) Elements having odd atomic numbers are more abundant than their immediate neighbours.
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    Correct answer should be (A, B). As it is well known that our solar system mostly comprises of Hydrogen and Helium (Jovian planets like Jupiter, Neptune have great amount of hydro...
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  • Aswathi thankyou
    As you can see option A and B is correct from the graph given but option C is wrong because abundance of heavier metals is actually lesser than lighter metals and in case of optio...
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  • Mayur anil badhe thankyou
    ans:- a,b
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