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Question 10. You again want to map the positions of three genes (L, M, and N) in Drosophila. Each gene has one dominant allele and one recessive allele. You perform the three different two-fac- tor crosses (Cross 1:LMand Im, Cross 2: MNand mn, and Cross 3: LNand In). Assume all crosses are between diploid flies homozy- gous for the alleles of these genes. You observe 5% recombinants in the first cross, 50% recombinants in the second cross, and 50% recombinants in the third cross. Based on the data given, what can you determine for the gene order and distance between the genes? Question 11. Following up on the observations in Question 10, you complete new crosses using gene 0. You observe 30% recom- bination for a cross between MO and mo, 35% recombination fora cross between LO and lo, and 25% recombination for a cross between NO andno. Assume all crosses are between diploid flies homozygous for the alleles of these genes. Given the information from Questions 10 and 11, draw a map placing the genes in the proper order and give the distance between each gene in map units.
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