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Question 14. Tissières and Hopkins studied the relationship between DNA and protein synthesis. In one experiment, they measured the incorporation of amino acids into proteins in the presence of the enzyme deoxyribonuclease (DNase). They incu- bated a crude E. coli extract with varying concentrations of DNase for 10 min before adding the necessary components for the protein synthesis reaction including 1C-labeled alanine. The amount of radioactivity incorporated is represented as cpm (counts per minute) in the data summarized below. DNAse (wg/ml) 1 5 10 20 50 cpm 813 334 372 364 386 426 % Inhibition 59 54 55 53 48 A. What effect does the addition of DNase have on protein synthesis? B. From what you know about the central dogma, explain why the addition of DNase causes the effect on amino acid incor- poration observed.
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  • Abhijeet Gaurav thankyou
    DNase causes the effect on amino acid by protein incorporation as ,% Inhibition becomes less as it's concentration increases.
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