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Question : 24/60 New Previous Year Solved Papers - Mathem... A particular integral of the differential equation y"-3y'+2y -e (A) (C) is: ee (B) eex eex (D)ee A B C D View Solution In order to check whether which of the following is an integrating factor or not multiply the given option with the given DE and check wh the equation is exact or not. Given equation is of the form M dx + N dy = 0 -1-y M-y+ N-xy)-1-y) x equation is not exact If we multiply the given equation with an Integrating factor then it will become exact. Option (A) IF = x* fxis an Integrating factor, then y- ax dy-o M-xyx?yx - x +x'y
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    I give you its solution. method which is wrong. because that method work only in first degree first order equation. answer is b
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