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January 16, 2020 8:30 pmpts 15 pts
Question: 49/60 Let v, = (1, 0) v, = (1, -1) and v, ? = (0, 1), then how many linear transformations T: R3R2 are there such that T(v,) = V2 T(V) = v, T(v,) = v (Click here to submit your answer)
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  • Eduncle Best Answer

    Dear Astha,


    Refer the attached image for solution.

    Thank you for asking your query.

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  • P Choursiya
    here I give solution from R2 to R2. and you got 3 transformations, you also generalize that result
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  • P Choursiya
    I think this question was wrong because you have linear transformation from R3 to R2, but they give you elements of R2 i.e. v1,V2,V3 which are elements of R2. so the conclusion is ...
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    Aastha Bhalla
    solve it from R2 to R2