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101. Ca-poor pyroxene is: (1) Pigeonite (2) Omphacite (3) Enstatite (4) Jadiete 102.A amphibole which is characteristic of high temperature: (1) Edenite (2) Hornblende (3) Tremolite (4) Paragasite 103. A phase diagram with a specified bulk composition is known as (1) Isograde diagram (2) AFM diagram (3 ACF diagram (4) Pseudosection

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    101) It has to be Pigeonite, cuz it has Ca but in minimal amount or low Ca containing pyroxene. Note: Here Enstatite can't be the answer, because there is a difference between "Low Ca" and "No Ca".Enstatite don't really have Ca in it's composition, so no chance of considering it as a correct answer. 102) It has to be hornblende, which is characteristics of high temperature. 103) It has to be Pseudosection. Note: The same term you will encounter in masters pertaining to the resistivity survey, so there's a contrast between the one that you might have seen in Petrology/Mineralogy and the one you will see in geophysical survey/methods.


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