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Question: 7/600 iit jam gg msp (1-10) 2019 which observation provides the best evidence that earth revolves around the sun? the constellation orion is only visi

Question: 7/600 IIT JAM GG MSP (1-10) 2019 Which observation provides the best evidence that Earth revolves around the Sun? The constellation Orion is only visible in the night sky for part of the year The North Star, Polaris, is located above the North Pole for the entire year The Sun appears to move across Earth's sky at a rate of 15°/hr The Coriolis effect causes Northern Hemisphere winds to curve to the right

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    Mayank vedwal Vedwal best-answer

    Option But is not correct because presence of Polaris over North Pole indicates that earth rotation axis is fixed at its point and polaris is located above the rotation axis of earth. .... And for explanation of option A please see the attachment given below.


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