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Two-point A and B present on an inclined bed at a height of 200m and 400m respectively. If the linear distance between the two plane is 100m, then calculate the dip from A to B.
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  • Sajan sarthak Best Answer
    dip is 63 degree
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  • Rahul kumar
    I saw your comment on this question. Linear distance means the base line (as per your Diagram). You can't calculate Sin(dip)= 200/100 =2; (because it is not possible to get the val...
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    if aerial distance is asked between 2points?that is also linear distance
  • Rahul kumar thankyou
    Answer: Dip= 63.435° tan(dip) = Vertical Interval / Horizontal equivalent Given, Vertical Interval = 400m - 200m = 200m Horizontal equivalent = 100m tan(dip) = 200m/100m Dip =...
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