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December 26, 2020 12:27 pmpts 30 pts
Which of the following statements is correct? (A) Eolian sands do not exhibit cross bedding (B) Deep marine sands are well sorted (C) Glacier deposit may contain faceted pebble (D) Wave ripples do not form on shallow marine sands.
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  • Rahul saji
    c is the right answer.... it can make faced pebbles
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  • Saurabh shukla thankyou
    Glacial deposits also form faceted pebbles due to grinding action of glaciers... But most probably the faceted pebbles are found in case of sandblasting or by the wind erosive act...
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    is deep marine sediment not well sorted,?
  • Rahul kumar Best Answer
    Answer: (C) Glacier deposit may contain faceted pebbles All other options are incorrect except C. The pebbles and boulders may be faceted and striated from grinding while lodged i...
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    sir wind action also forms facetted pebble
  • Sajan sarthak
    glaciers may be an erosional agent to form faceted pebble.
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