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    Rahul kumar

    Answer: Gabbro Gabbro mostly contains Ferromagnesium minerals and will show highest value of magnetic susceptibility. Other rocks mentioned in the options contain relatively low amount of Ferromagnesium minerals and hence will show low magnetic susceptibility.

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    Saurabh 1 Best Answer

    Well you might have read about magnetic susceptibility in physics (mostly in class 12th in magnetics). It's all about the magnetic properties preserved in different specimen and it acquires different sign as the materials changes. Like for diamagnetic material , it is negative(why is it so, if you want explanation I will explain you but here it's not that much necessary). It is positive for paramagnetic and ferromagnetic and very high in case of iron containing minerals like Magnetite , Ilmenite, etc. Now coming to rock as per options given, quartzite is a typical monomineralic metamorphic rock and it is composed mainly of diamagnetic quartz, so most probably a negative magnetic susceptibility. Similarly in case of limestone which is composed of Calcite mainly(rarely magnesite) , so it will also have less magnetic susceptibility. In case of shale (an argillaceous rock consists of mostly clay minerals) , so it will have very less magnetic susceptibility. Now Coming to Gabbro , which consists of iron containing minerals (olivine, Pyroxenes), so it will most probably have highest magnetic susceptibility. Also note that it will be even more higher or highest in case of ultramafic rocks(Peridotite). Correct option would be (C)..


    thank you.😊


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