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the sequence of crystallization in a cooling calc alkaline basaltic magma is likely to be

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    Mayank vedwal Vedwal best-answer

    Here option B is correct because calc alkaline magma is the magma which is rich in mafic content so all three ( Fosterite, enstatite, diopside) minerals will crystallise from this magma. Sequence of crystallisation of these mineral depend on the crystallisation temprature of these minerals. The mineral which has high crystallisation temprature will crystallise first from magma and further the lower crystallisation temprature minerals will form. Now the crystallisation temprature of mineral enstatite is highest among them then fosterite crystallisation temprature is lower than enstatite and at last diopside crystallisation temprature is lowest. So order of crystallisation of minerals will be Enstatite >fosterite>diopside.


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