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Questuen & Ep be 2magnitud o ebcuc Jeld at A and B du o hmaphene oHadus R & unoxm unkac charg donsly O. which i coLt a) EA-E = o/46, b)Ea + E= o/4E A Ea-Ee -o/4€ d) En = Es 2R 2R
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  • Bidyut sinha Best Answer
    see the attached picture Vijay
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    Vijay Dalakoti
    thank you sir
  • Bidyut sinha
    ok I'm checking again and let you know within few minutes
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  • Bidyut sinha
    ok..that mean answer is b?? But answer should be d... because Electric Field at A and B should be answer should be d...if the answer is given b, then let me know, I will ...
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    Vijay Dalakoti
    I also got Ea=Eb .. but the given answer is b. Please see to it. Thanks
  • Bidyut sinha
    I have given detail answer in the attached picture
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    Vijay Dalakoti
    Sir, the given answer is b ?
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