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RE An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Institute Double tegral Evaluatelog(1+x+ rdy over the 54. 50. Area enclosed by the curves y= xand y =2x-1 lying in the first quadrant is R first quadrant of circle x+ y =a2 (a.) 6 51 Evaluate| ydxdy over the region common R (b.) to the circles x+y =x, +y=y. 4 (c.) (a.) 86 d.) (b.) 96 The double integral f(x.y) dy dx under 55. 1 (C.)14 the transformation x=u(1-v), y=wis transformed into (d.) None of these (a.) f(u-uv, uv) dudv Jv(-v) 52. Evaluate(x+y dxdy over the region R (6.) 2/3 2/(1-) u-uv, u) u o dudv R bounded by x+ y=lin the first quadrant (c.) fu-uv, uv) v dudv (a.) n+1 C/3 2/(1-v) (d) u-uv, uv) u dudv (b.) n+2 dxdy 56. (c.)- n+5 dyd+ dyds then y= functions8(x) and h(x) are, respectively 1 (d.) n+7 (a.) (x-4) and 1 5 Evaluate +ydxdy over the region R (b.) (x+4) and 1 R (c.) 1 and (x-4) lying ay- plane and bounded by +y =4, r2+y' =9. (d.) I and (r+4) sir, question no. 53, 55, 56, 52
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