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reduce ocess is S0 so mch energy will b ose etc he u eY for he p be consume 96500 10 i.e, 78839 B6 coulombs 204 0-6 or e of nitrobenzene to aniline wt time required 1 O1 coulombs current in amp 78839 86 3941993 seconds eq. wE o C,H,NO, 123 39420 seconds5 39420 hours 60 x 60 CHNH,; change in ON =6 10.95 hours, mol. wt. 23 eq. wt. of CHNO change in ON mole of electricity for 100%% current etticiency=06 F. But the current efticiency is 50% mole of electricity usee= 0-6 x2= 12 F Ex. 15. Afler electrolysis of a sodium chloride (NaCl) solution with inert electrodes for a certain period of time, 600 mL, of the solution was left which was found to be 1 N in sodium hydroxide. During the same time 318g,of Cu was deposited in a Cu voltameter in series with the elect rolytic cell, Calculate the percentag of theoretical yield of the sodium hydroxide obtained (Cu-635 =12x96500 coulombs Solution: *No, of equivalent of NaOH that can be produced theoretically for 100% current efficiency no. of eq. of NaCl decomposed = 115800 coulombs. The energy consumed = electricity in coulomb x pot. dron = 115800 x3J no, of eq. of Cu deposited (Faraday's 2nd lat wt. of Cu eq wt, of Cu 63-5/2 31-8 347400 J Eqn. 40), Chapte = 347-40 k. Now, no. of eq. of NaOFl produced experimnentally m.e, of NaOH Ex. 14. Potassium chiorate is prepared by electrolysis of KCI in basie solutio 6OH+Cl CIO +3H,O+ 6e If orly 60% of the current is utilhsed in the reaction, what time wil be reauine do praduce 10 g of KCIO, using a current of 2 amp? (Eqn. 3, Chapt 1000 normality x volume 1x600 1000 1000 06. (Eqn. 1, Chap- Solution: According to the given equation, percentage yield = 0-6 x 100 60%. 1 12220-4. eq. wt of KCIO. = mol. wt. 6 6 Ex. 16. The density of Cu is 8-94 x894 894 g 1 joule = On electrolysis of NaCl solution, NaOH is produced volt x 1 coulomb
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    please elaborate your query shweta
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    what's your doubt shweta? can you share this question screen shot completely so i can check the solution.
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