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rough m Example : A circular disc (in the horizontal xy-plane) is spinning about about a vertical axis thro center with a constant angular velocity . A particle is ohserved to execute unno in the anticlockwise sense, centered at P. When the particle is at the point Q, wil correctly represents the directions of the Coriolis force E and the centrifugal force Fck or (IIT JAM Physics 2008) FF hck (A) (B) F F./P (C) (D) vE
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  • Ruby negi
    this is the complete solution, hope youwill get the solution..
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  • Abhishek singh thankyou
    Here option C and D are same. option C (or D, because both are same) is the correct Answer. Always remember that centrifugal force will always be radially outward of the bigger dis...
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    but centrifugal force is -mw*(w*r) so the ans would be in positive r direction