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S1:Let G and H be finite cyclic groups. Then G Hisgcic fzd oaly fG md H are relatively prime. S2: The order of an element in a direct product of a finte mber of fite goups is the greatest common divisor of the orders of the components of he elemet h symbolIs (el. g2 gngcdgl. 22.. n) (a) S1is true and S2 s false (c) S1 and S2 both are true ) $2 is true and S1 isalse (d S1 and S2 both are fslse
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  • Piyush
    S2 is false because there should be LCM In place of GCD
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  • Sonu
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  • Piyush Best Answer
    I think option A is correct.
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