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s9. During unidirectional motion, the displacemet and tistance travelled by a purtice with uniform acceleration is (B) Same (A) different (D) None of these (C)variabNe 60. What is the initial velocity of an object which travels a distance 15t+5 along a straight line in time r? (A)-10 (B) 10 C)-15 (D)+15 61. At zero acceleration a particle moves along a straight line. What is the velocitv of y particle at the position of x -f- 20+42 ? (A)+48.68 misec (B)-48.68 m/sec C)+42 m/'sec (D)-42 m/sec 62 What is the length of a train which crosses'a bridge of 150 m in 20 sec. with a speed of 40 km/h? (A) 222m (B) 150 m (C) 72.2 m (D) 70.5 m 63. Point, where the total volume ne of the body is assumed to be concentrated is: (A) Centre of arca (C) Centroid of mass (B) Centroid of volume (D) All of the mentioned EgH-3),MATØ) (14)
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    59-->B, 60-->D, 61-->B, 62-->C, 63-->B ...
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