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May 15, 2020 9:47 ampts 30 pts
SCK A Sn inpintle cSpa-4 Smusf (ontain a poia C) d (anno be Cessd
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  • Arzoo thankyou
    If you get your doubt clear then accept the answers.
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  • Arzoo
    In exam, There would be a clear statement. So from this question just learn the both concepts.
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  • Arzoo thankyou
    There is a loophole in options.
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  • Ankur Rao
    but here we are only talking about S not limit set of S
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  • Arzoo
    In attachment, if you observe then S is subset of irrationals, but a discrete set. Hence limit points set of S would be empty set.
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  • Arzoo
    S must contain irrational no. but it is not necessary that S must contain all irrationals.
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  • Arzoo
    See the attachment
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    Ankur Rao
    i have doubt in (a) and (b) option because S will contain irrational numbers and these are limit point of both rational and irrational. in options also it is given that S must cont...
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