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Shown below is a profle section of a folded sequence consisting of limestone, cross bedded sandstone and shale. The fold can be termed as (A) Symformal syncline (C) Antiformal syncline (B) Synformal anticline (D) Antiformal anticline
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  • Sajan sarthak thankyou
    synformal because of diping beds are towards each other but anticlinal due to core is older... How we know that from the trough cross bedding has a tangent relationship with older ...
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    Ishita das
    core is younger in synclines. i guess you meant syncline??!!
  • Saurabh Best Answer
    Correct answer: Synformal Anticline.....It's a synformal as it is closing downwards or concave upwards. And one can see tangential contact of the cross beds which shows older beds ...
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    Ishita das
    Why are we not considering the depositional sequence here. Like in the limb it is Sandstone right and in the core it is Shale. We all know coarser sediments are deposited initially...
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