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sin x cosX cos'x+ 3 cos x +2 dx equals Put cos x t, then tdt t dt P+3t+2t1(t+2) 2 dt t+2 t+1 =[2 log (t+2)-log(t+1)), = 2 log 3- log 2-2 log 2 + log1=log (9 /8) please explain this problem
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  • H sampada
    And how to identify the properties?
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    Anshum Sharma
    You have to first see the properties of definite integrals and then just applied on problems. There are not many properties, only you have to memorize Two or three properties and t...
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  • H sampada
    sir please explain last 3 steps
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    Anshum Sharma
    First i integrate the function and then I used the log property. log(a) + log(b) = log(ab).,....... alog(b) = log(a^b)
  • Anshum Sharma thankyou
    Here is the detailed solution
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