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May 14, 2020 3:28 pmpts 30 pts
sir catalytic hydrogenation of alkene and alkyne is same as sebatier and senderens reaction
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  • Suresh khokhar Best Answer
    ya both are same. sabatier and senderens first discover for carbon dioxide convert into methane then same mechanism is upgrade for catalytic hydrogenation of alkene and alkyne
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  • Lingareddy thankyou
    The Sabatier reaction or Sabatier process was discovered by the French chemist Paul Sabatier and Jean-Baptiste Senderens in 1897. It involves the reaction of hydrogen with carbon d...
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  • Lingareddy
    In addition to improving the efficiency of the station's resupply capabilities, Sabatier also frees up storage space. This helps to maximize the area available for science faciliti...
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  • Lingareddy
    The Sabatier System uses a catalyst that reacts with carbon dioxide and hydrogen to produce water and methane. The produced water can also make oxygen.
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