Shweta thakur Asked a Question
April 23, 2020 6:01 pmpts 30 pts
sir change in internal energy in cyclic process =0plz tell me
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  • Lingareddy
    heat,work are path functions they dependent on path but not on state. so dq and dw not zero
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  • Lingareddy thankyou
    except thermodynamic properties like heat,work remaining all are zero i.e dT=0, du=0,dH=0
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya Best Answer
    In a cyclic process, since the system returns to its initial state, the change in internal energy must be zero. Therefore, by first law of thermodynamics, the net heat given to the...
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  • Suresh khokhar thankyou
    internal energy is a state function . and change in all state function equal to zero for cyclic process
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