Gurmeet singh Asked a Question
August 25, 2020 3:57 pmpts 30 pts
sir, how to guess the answer "In The vertical section of a volcanic sequence showing pilow structures is shown in the given figure". Ans given is "C" option.
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  • Sajan sarthak
    may be because I didn't not find any relationship among them . and also perhaps They are different time eruptions
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    Gurmeet singh
    sir, can u draw a picture for syncline case.. 2. how to analise dipping direction, means we need to consider for the whole strta or individual spere of pillow lava.
  • Rahul pandey Best Answer
    Dear student, the answer should be option C. As you can see that the strata is dipping so it must be a part of anticline or syncline. Now you have the look whether it's an anticlin...
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    Gurmeet singh
    sir, i don't understand about how to know, younging direction.
  • Sajan sarthak thankyou
    This is a normal phenomenon as the younger direction is shown by diping direction of convex side of the pillow basalt
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    Gurmeet singh
    sir, are A & B independent to each other?