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1, 3-Butadiene This intermediate carbocation is allylic in nature and hence can be regarded as a resonance hybrid of two equivalent structures ( and II) : CH4CHCH-CH,Br CH-CH = CH-CH,Br = CH,-CH-CH-CHBr 2 II 3 Resonance hybrid Step 2. Since in the resonance hybrid, the positive charge is almost equally distributed between caro atoms as indicated in 1 and lI, the attack of bromide ion can occur on either of these. If the attack occurs CL2-addition product results and if it occurs on C 1 Ladditi
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya 1 thankyou
    actually positive charge distribution takes place between C1 and C3 carbon via resonance. and we know that in resonance p orbital of all the three carbon of allyllic carbocation pa...
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  • Suresh khokhar thankyou
    it's simple mean distribution of charge note two explain which carbon content positive and which carbon not contain.the resonance hybrid positive charge so movement of positive cha...
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  • Shweta thakur
    but positive charge is on only two carbons center vale carbon pe ni hai to whole distribute kaise hua
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  • Suresh khokhar
    it's mean charge distribute all over structure during resonance. resonance hybrid explain that in resonating structure all over structure have positive charge
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