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3 x, y,2) E R'. Sr +y+#s1/ and F- +#) lor )eV. Lt denote the outward unit normal vector to the boundary ofV and S denotes the part y,)e R x +y+z' of the boundary of V. Then F-hdS is equal to (a)-8 T Solution: (a) Outward unit normal to boundary of V (b) 4T (c) 4t (d) 87 xi ++ zk 1/2 -2(xri ++ z) +y+.i + ý+ zk)Jds -2y+ JFhds --2+y+zk as -8 ds Since,x++#=on S 4 -8x 47=-8t
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  • Karni dan
    mam I have confussion, would you tell me by solving by data of these questions
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  • Dr suman 1 thankyou
    it is the product of the two surface vector divided by its magnitude and do not correlate it with the flux that is always positive in outward direction
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