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Although the surfaces of glaciers can seem to consist of nothing but rock debris, most of the debris in a mature glacier is concentrated near its base. In fact basal ice may consist of only one part ice to every nine of sediment. The reason that the surfaces often seem so well coated in moraine are two fold. Firstly, the surface is the obvious place for debris from the valley walls to accumulate, and secondly, the surface is subjected to insolation and melting.
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    The theme of this paragraph is to convey that most of the sediments transported through glacier found at the base of the glacier. It is very obvious that glacier makes U-shaped val...
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    Gurmeet singh
    sir ye smj ni aaya- "Two fold reason of well coated surface in moraine seems obvious"
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    1. These lines are meant to explain the lower surface of glacier which is polished and and fine debris coated. because these debris comes from the valley and mountains and as it is...
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    Sajan sarthak sahoo
    what you could not understand??
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    Dear student, please ask in case of any clarification you need.
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