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  • Chemistry (CY)

Sir plz tell the increasing order for ionisation energy...... a ist lonhan utlih ta tba t a xe xe

plz tell increasing order for ionisation energy A ist LonhaN utlih ta TBa t A Xe Xe

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  • Suman Kumar best-answer

    As we have learned Variation of IE along the period - Along the period (→) the nuclear charge (Z) increases and atomic radii decrease although shell remains the same.Due to these opposing factors, the outer most electrons are more strongly held by the nucleus. So more energy is required to remove the electron. Hence I.E1 increases along the period Variation of I.E. down the group - Down the group, the atomic size increases gradually, consequently the force of attraction between the nucleus and outermost electron decreases and hence I.E. should decrease. Ionisation energy increases along period from left to right and decreases down the group Ba < Ca < Se < S < Ar


    Swati Thogh Ionisation energy follow general trend but there are exception which are experimentally determined and then we try to give best suitable reason. Hope you have got me. if not please ask i would be happy to help.


    Swati pls respond as your feedback are extremely important to improve our answer


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