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TOtal dissolution involving total disappearance of the solid phase. In general it is a complex process of reciprocal reaction between magma and invaded rock. During the process of reaction, due to ionic exchange between liquid and crystals, minerals are changed into those crystalline phases with which the liquid was already saturated. The end product is a contaminated igneous rock which was at no time entirely liquid and which is made up of materials contributed partly by the original rock and partly by the wall-rock. The rock formed in this way is naturally of hybrid origins, which are particularly common along the borders between intrusive and invaded rocks.
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  • Rahul pandey
    By reciprocal reaction, they want to say that magma is crystallizing the high temperature minerals (like Forsterite) and at the same time incorporating low melting point minerals (...
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  • Rahul pandey Best Answer
    The paragraph is related to the magmatic differentiation process. Any melt coming to the surface interacts with the crustal rocks and incorporate the part of crustal rocks into the...
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    Gurmeet singh
    sir, in the 1st line, what he is talking about reciprocal..?
  • Sajan sarthak sahoo thankyou
    Assimilation is the process whereby solid or fluid foreign material is incorporated into magma. The term implies no specific mechanism and the process depends on many factors, incl...
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    Gurmeet singh
    congratulations sir.
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