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Which one of the following represents a Closed form? A Tetragonal prism B. Dihexagonal pyramid C. Orthodome D. Trigonal dipyramid (IIT-JAM 2013)
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  • Saurabh 1 thankyou
    Answer is (d)..Mainly dipyramids correspond to close form in crystallography. Orthodome is defined as a dome whose faces are found parallel to orthodiagonal(orthoaxis) . B cannot b...
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    Gurmeet singh
    but dihexagonal pyramid is close.
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  • Sajan sarthak thankyou
    In a monoclinic crystal: a dome with faces parallel to the ortho axis is called a Orthodome. Trigonal dipyramidal   6 bar= 3/m is a closed form because volume is enclosed by ...
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    Gurmeet singh
    sir crystallography kaise kru...yeh shapes toh smj hi aari muje. please suggest anything
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