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9hxtol fem Knge in wogadros aw Google C/Users/gopal/Downloads/kI%20kapoór%20v2.pdf Youlube Maps Carbocation- Defin... Download JNU M.S.. Hence the efficiency, (TTT2 which was derived oarlier by taking an ideal gas as the working substanoe, is applicable to a reversible cyclic process imvolving any subata t of mof Example 4.S.1 A certain engine which operates in a Camot dycle absorbs 3.347 kJ at 400 C how much work is done on the engine per cycle and how much heat is evolved at 100 °C in cach cycle? Solution The cfliciency of the Camot cycle is givea by er of - -9t ature 3SCS Thes amd bence 4 2ero Thus, the heat evolved in the present case is 170 A Textbook of Physical Chemistr) S.15 K 3.347 1G347 k)-1.855 k and the work done on the engine is M 291)3.347 k1855 k1492 k (Note: The negative sign indicates that the work is actually done by the engine.)
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    sir but aise answer + 1.55 aa rha
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  • Shweta thakur
    wait sir
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    It is right here as q1 is heat rejected by the system so it takes negative q2-(-q1)/q2 = q2+q1/q2
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    Shweta thakur
    ye to ho gya
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