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Consider a convex lens of focal length f. A point object moves towards the lens along its axis 21. between 2f and f. If the speed of the object is V, then its image would move with speed V,. Which of the following is correct ? (A) V, = Vo the image moves away from the lens. (B) V =-V: the image moves towards the lens. (C) V, > Vg: the image moves away from the lens. (D) V, < Vo: the image moves away from the lens.
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    see attachment dear
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  • Pradeep
    velocity proportional to magnification ??
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  • Surya prakash verma thankyou
    C part image moves away from lens and has higher velocity. as velocity is proportional to magnification and here we know that image will be bigger than object so magnification is g...
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