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ue Tormm (x +y, * Ie Tormn x+y + t) where x, y, zeR Which of the following sets of vectors a = (a, a,...a,) in R" are subspaces of y, X-z, R" (n 23)? ) all a such that a, 20 ) all a such thata, 0 (ii) all a such that a, =a 2 iv) all a such that a, +3a, =a3 (v) all o such that a, +4a =0 (vi) all a such that a, + a, + a3 t.+a =k.
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  • Priyadarshan Choursiya thankyou
    answer 4,5 p,q are in field and X,y are vector, check that px+qy is vector or not. 6 is also answer if k is arbitrary constant if k is fixed then 6 is not answer
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