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December 16, 2020 12:48 pmpts 30 pts
Spacecraft Alpha is moving at 0.90c with respect to the earth. If spacecraft Beta is to pass Alpha at a relative speed of 0.50c in the same direction, what speed must Beta have with respect to the earth? 12 (B) 0.97c (A) (C) 1.4c C (D) 0.999c
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  • Saurabh shukla
    Answer is given wrong, this question i have seen in arthur beiser..... Answer is 0.97c only
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    Sheya maurya
    ok thank you..
  • Sheya maurya
    actually i did in the same way as you have done sir... but given answer is option C' 1.4
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  • Rohit kumar gupta thankyou
    option B is correct
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