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Squares of the eigenvalues of a is. ? m0 0 a thenthe trace of the 203 82. let x = |3 -i -3.a matrix p such that o 0 0 a o 0-1 matrix ms pxp is a diagonal matrix

squares of the eigenvalues of A is. ? M0 0 a Thenthe trace of the 203 82. Let X = |3 -I -3.A matrix P such that O 0 0 a o 0-1 matrix MS PXP is a diagonal matrix, (d) 5 (GATE 2012 77. If A-1 0 1. then A is ohOative lpsCIt 0 1 (a) 50 S0 0 1 (b) 480 48 0 1 Dr. Ashutosh Sharma 9 ge Dr. Onkar Singh Bhati Innovative Institute of Mathematics, Ground Floor shna Tower, Gopalpura Mod, Near Big Bazaar, Jaip Raj.) Mob.: 7792988108, 8696149555 wwOVATIVE INSTITUTE OF MTHEMATICS -11 (o)01 -10 . Thector x atisfies Mxv+ W 11o a solution. I.any d espan (u, V, W, Mx =d has a lution. he trace of the matrix M+2M is 8. denotes the transpose of the vector ") --11 Which of the above statements are TRUE? (A) Land Il only (B) Jand Il only (GATE 2014) (C) l and iV only (D) Ill and IV only (GATE 2019) a be 83. Let M=b d e be a real matrix with eigenvaluen cef 87. Let A, B be complex n xn matrices. Which of the following statements are true? e egenvectors cOrresponding to and 0 are (11,1) and (L1,0) respe:tively, then SATE TE 2016) (a) If A,B and A+ B are invertible, then A B is invertible the value of 3f is equalto.. (b)If A, B and A+B are invertible, then A- Br

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