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Standard electrode potential data are useful for understanding the suitability of an oxidant ina redox titration. Some half cell reactions and their standard potentials are given below; MnO, (ag) + 8H (aq) + 5e > Mn2 (aq) + 4H,O(); Cr,O (aq) + 14H (aq) + 6e - 2Cr (aq)7H,O() E = 1.38 V 23. E 1.51 V E = 0.77 V Fe3 (aq)+ e> Fe? (aq); CL(g)+ 2e 2Ch (aq); E = 1.40 V Identify the only incorrect statement regarding the quantitative estimation of aqueous Fe(NOJ MnO, can be used in aqueous HCI (A) (B) Cr,0, can be used in aqueous HCI (C) MnO can be used in aqueous H,SO, (D) Cr,0 can be used in aqueous H,SO O
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