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May 17, 2020 • 17:26 pm 30 points
  • Physics (PH)

Suggest a book for network theory and filter circuit for jam purpose .

suggest a book for network theory and filter circuit for jam purpose .

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    Ruby negi best-answer

    Boyested for analog and malvino for digital .. these books are so good.. boysterd is the best book you can say... complete theory with satisfication. I only want to say you that follow only one book but it must be standard book and try to complete each topic of jam, don't go through so many books ,it confuses you.. okay dear follow one and do as much as question you can, and ask to us, we are here for you .. good luck ...

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    Chandra prakash

    ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUIT THEORY ROBERT BOYLESTAD LOUIS NASHELSKY. ...this is the best book for whole electronics and V K mehta also....

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    Dhairya sharma

    the matter is.... whatever you study study with full dedication.👍

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    Dhairya sharma

    Vk mehta and Halkiyas book will be sufficient . their language will be compaitable for uh bcoz they are available some indian edition also.

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    Abhishek singh Best Answer

    A.P Malvino Electronic principle is the best book I have read so far. It contains everything related to jam syllabus. This book is used as text book for electronic in IIT's. So there are good chances that direct questions from this book can be asked in exam. Best regards.


    you can easily download pdf fir this book from library genesis.

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    Dhairya sharma

    you can use some VK mehta , integrated electronics by milliman and Halkiyas both are versatile book.


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