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PLZ tell this encircled question. t is also true for their Dl Ice relatively more covalent character with polarizable anions like Cl and Br iome as in size of cations may introduce errors in the radius rule calculations and predictions hus, radius ratio rule calculations are very useful for predicting coordination number of io ally ionic compounds but such predictions can be misleading when atomic and ionic radii a 1 defined. ions. Thes oni The radii of Mg2t and O2 ions are 0.66 A and 1.40 A. Predict the probable type of si- Occupied by Mg ions. Ans. Octahedral. The ionic radii of Rbt, Br and I ions are 1.47, 1.95 and 2.16 A respectively. Predict t most probable type of coordination number of Rbt in RbBr and RbI, on the basis radius ratio rule Ans. 8 in RbBr and 6 in RbI. How many () tetrahedral and (ii) octahedral holes are associated with each spher a close packed arrangement ? TICE 9. ems 10. 11. Ans. (i) 2 (ii) 1
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    follow the instructions
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