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August 30, 2020 9:17 ampts 30 pts
tat tKeiterrali m tun n x = es not (4) Preve o ampute he t 2qnalion ntshal (4, 5.Fnd a-bpraprrioe and use t lo (owpuute fhe xovt. -4x-O ter al em uon AnS iferadi on Puncien x la l4), Revt = 4-306585s
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  • Deepak singh
    see attached 2
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  • Deepak singh thankyou
    see attached,
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  • Somnath Jana
    don't send any video or pdf
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  • Somnath Jana
    please send me hand written solution.
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    Deepak singh
    i have attached solution, see my attached