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th H-atom. Due to this collision, H-atom gets ionized. What is the maximum kinetic energy of emitted electron? 3. For an electron revolving around the nucleus in a clockwise direction, in the presence of magnetic field in the z-axis direction, what is the action of Torque on the angular momentum of that electron? Explain with diagram. 4. The energy of excited hydrogen atom is -3.4 eV. Calculate the angular momentum of the electron according to Bohr theory (h = 6.63x10** Js) 5. The wavelength of the first member of the Balmer series in the hydrogen spectrum is 6563 A. Calculate the wavelength o the first member of Lyman series. 6. For n =4, find the possible values of angular/azimuthal quantum number and draw the orbit diagram indicating their quantum numbers.
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    See the attached images
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