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The absorption maxima of two dyes X and Y are 520 and 460 nm, respectively. The absorbance data of these dyes measured in a 1 cm path length cell are given in the table below. Dye solution Absorbance at 520 nm 0.765 0.168 Absorbance at 460 nm X (9 mM) Y (12 mM) Mixture of X and Y 0.144 0.912 0.700 | 0.680 The concentration of Y in the mixture is mM. (Up to two decimal places)
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    thank you sir. I got the answer.
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    For this question use scientific calculator as you get two equation ...By solving the two equation you will get Value of concentration of X and Y in mixture. Follow the instruction...
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    Priyanshu kumar
    please mark the answer tejas if you got this
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    solve equation 1 & 2
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    Suman Kumar
    Iit jam 2005-2018 full solution https://iitjamchemistrysolvedpapers.blogspot.com/